The project aims to resolve critical problems in the social impact investment industry that is projected to grow to $30 trillion by 2020. There currently exists the issue of how do we verify impact? Different investment funds use different metrics and indicators to track this but none offer a standardised way of measuring and auditing this data. This makes comparing investments and their impact deliverables challenging. Ocean19 aims to solve this by focusing on developing a financial infrastructure that is built on the ethereum blockchain.


Level 1: We aim to build a lottery platform that is capable of accepting investments from many different investors and distribute it to impact investments of their choice.


Level 2: We recognise that social impact is based on a single investment equation.













To ensure that an investment meets its stated goals, we will create modules called ‘X’, that will receive digital inputs that can be recorded on the blockchain and produce an immutable record. Upon satisfaction of pre-determined conditions, the smart contract would release more funds according to the term sheet. If the investment is unable to meet its conditions, investment managers would be alerted and be able to take swift action. Through our efforts, we hope we rectify the problem by providing a holistic solution.


We are actively looking for interested parties to partner with us.


















The project is led by Project Manager Jun Ming Yong, and Technical Lead Oscar Hjelde.

The technical team currently comprises of: Mansour (Full Stack), Arthur (Smart Contracts), Kossai (Smart Contracts), Luke (Smart Contracts), Ben (Front End), and Darren (Front End)

The business team currently comprises of: Rayhan and Anupam, Andrea So