Who are we?

KCL Blockchain aims to shape the conversation on how emerging technologies have the power to shape the future.


Our vision is to provide an effective platform for students to discover their passions through engagement with emerging technology. We encourage our members to learn by experience, so that the things they create can make a positive social impact. We do this by curating a community of enterprising individuals that support each other to produce output, build projects and interact with corporates.

What do we do?

The society strives for excellence and focuses on four guiding principles in creating output.


Emphasis is placed on all members to have an equal stake in the society, and they are encouraged to step up and input on how the group should be run. The benefit of our team members is always at the forefront of our work and the society endeavours to support initiatives where possible and reasonable.


We also aim to inspire a spirit of entrepreneurialism amongst our members. Anyone can start their own project and team members learn to develop a growth mindset. Instead of being critical of others, the central question becomes: “How can we make this happen?”


The future belongs to everyone, and blockchain technology is inclusive. Therefore, we support openness and invite people from all backgrounds to join us. Regardless of subject discipline, university or profession, we welcome anyone interested in working with our team.

In ensuring the best for our members, the society focuses on being success-oriented. When an individual conceptualises an event or project, it is important for them to ask themselves how they define success. It is only once this vision is established that they will be able to form a causal link between their passions and their aspirations.