About Us

We are KCL blockchain, a community of blockchain enthusiasts with aims of connecting and bringing together like-minded people to learn, challenge and connect about the potentiality of blockchain.

We organise exciting, engaging, and in-depth events to share the latest insights in the world of blockchain. These events will cover areas ranging from Law & Governance, to Investment, and Industry applications of the technology. We are also conducting research in these areas, writing blog articles, partnering with companies, and fostering the education of our more technical members.


KCL Blockchain is divided into four separate teams which all have a specific purpose within the society

The technology team focuses mainly on training highly skilled blockchain developers through weekly sessions where we focus on both the underlying technology behind blockchain and how this technology can be implemented in the industry. With the guidance of experts with diverse backgrounds within the blockchain community, we hope to create a highly competent team. In the future, we want to contribute to satisfy the high demand of blockchain developers that are in the community. In addition to this, we want to launch innovative, exciting and relevant projects of our own.

The Industry Division focuses on how blockchain technology is being implemented globally across a multitude of industries. Every week we will assess a new industry – be it energy, or banking – and evaluate the application of Blockchain in these sectors. Our goal is simple: create weekly articles, and organise events that not only inform our audience about interesting new use-cases of blockchain, but also get them excited about this necessarily disruptive technology. This information will be published on our website where both students and professionals of all knowledge levels can view and understand our findings. We will also organise exciting events that will make you care about blockchain - from electric cars to identity verification, our events on blockchain’s impact on our world will both excite and intrigue even the most technologically-sceptic punter.

The Governance & Legal Division focuses on the behind the scenes of governments and legislators on the considerations, debates and policies that arise regarding blockchain. Being a disruptive technology, we are at an exciting position to engage with both the public, corporations and governments. As a society, we have the ability to inform and educate ourselves and others on the varying positions that governments take regarding different uses of blockchain in society. Our division is open to anyone willing to research and educate themselves and others on the current and expanding world of regulation of new technologies.

The News Division conducts research and analysis to produce informative pieces on blockchain technology. We operate the blog and podcast of the Society, focusing on developments within several areas of interest, as well as curating lists of London-based blockchain events. Our overall purpose is to generate engaging content that showcases what blockchain is and how the technology is changing the world.